• 【 Player 】
    As commander of the newly founded Taimanin Task Force,
    you are on a series of missions worldwide to fight against
    terrorists and demons. Take control of the leading characters
    of the Taimanin series and defeat all evil!
  • 【 Combat 】
    Powerful action sequences with simple button commands.
    Combine a variety of skills and supporters to perform your own combat maneuvers!
  • 【 Main Quest 】
    The first mission of the task force is to retrieve a bio-weapon stolen
    from the UFS base in Japan.
    Fight your way through the storyline!
  • 【 Time Attack 】
    Compete against other Taimanin commanders out there for the best clear time!
    Race the clock, compete against other players, and aim for the top of the rank!
  • 【 Special Mode 】
    Avoid obstacles and reach the finish line!
    Use the left-right buttons to steer the bike and complete the race to earn Gems!
  • 【 Playable Characters 】
    Taimanins unlock their true powers by leveling up.
    Acquire costumes to further enhance their capabilities!
    Complete missions, level up, unlock skills, and aim to be the best of all Taimanins!
  • 【 Weapons and Magatamas 】
    Forge your weapons and polish your magatamas to upgrade!
    Collect and prepare your weapons to fight against the most dangerous enemies.
  • 【 Supporter 】
    Supporters can turn the tables with various skills,
    but there's more than that - an exclusive slice-of-life event!
    Spend some quality time with your supporters!
  • 【 EXP Training, Crafting, Skill Training Facility 】
    Use your facilities to train Taimanins, craft items, and upgrade weapons!
    Keep your facilities up and running even when you are offline!
  • 【 Private Room 】
    In the Private Room, you can place and admire virtual action figures.
    Place your favorite characters and enemies and make them strike a pose,
    Decorate your favorite characters to spice up the Private Room!
In the near future, Japan is plagued with demons from the dark world.
There existed an ancient, unspoken rule of non-interference between humans and demons,
but as humanity descended into decadence,
the rule has fallen to obsolesce; it was the time of chaos, where evil syndicates of man and fiend roamed in the darkness.
But those who sought the righteous path were not hopeless.
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