Leader of all taimanins, commonly known as the Almighty Taimanin. She utilizes physical capabilities and master swordsmanship, as well as her ability to move at the speed of light. During her mission in Tokyo Kingdom, she has awakened the demonic power within, which unlocked her ability to further enhance her ninjutsu.
Asagi's younger sister. Always bright and friendy. A young girl who gives off both a gorgeous and cheerful vibe.
Born with a rare ninja art just like her sister, she is a ninja who uses "Shadow Art". She became a Taimanin much to her sister's objection, because she also wanted to fight for justice like her sister Asagi.
Taimanin, student of Gosha Academy. Although still a student, she is frequently on a mission, and she is expected to be the leading force of the new generation. On mission, she often works with her senior Akiyama Rinko. She is known as the Lightning Bolt for her weapon of choice of guns akimbo and her lightning bullets.
Taimanin, student of Gosha Academy. The successor of the "Ittoryu", a swordsmanship style that has been passed down in the ninja village for generations. Famous for her nickname Savage Hunter, she is respected as a strong, elegant, and strict senior student in Gosha Academy. She is so popular among girls, her fan club is secretly growing in size without her even knowing it exists.
Taimanin, teacher of Gosha Academy. As a former lower ninja of a faction that serves Asagi as their master, her brother Yatsu Kuro is also active as a Taimanin. She is expected to become the next Asagi, a Taimanin captain of the new generation.
An investigator of the Chinese Union PLA Intelligence Department. She was called in as a deputy officer of the task force which was organized to prevent international terrorism and the attack from the demon realm, and assists Fuuma Kotaro. She inherited Taimanin's blood from her great-grandfather, who became orphaned after a war.
Taimanin, mother of Mizuki Yukikaze. Once renowned as a brave Taimanin, she temporarily retired from dangerous missions after Yukikaze's birth to work as Igawa Asagi's advisor. However, she was forced to return to the field after her husband was killed in action.
An anti-Nomad scientist from the UFS. She has been cooperating with the Taimanin task force since she was deployed to Kotrara for medical support.

She believes science technology can be used by anyone, with or without talent, and is the most important thing in the world.
Taimanin. A heretic, as she is a mix between human and vampire, and lives as a Taimanin.

She was taught swordsmanship by her grandfather, Shinganji Gen-an, and received attention as she was considered to be the heir of the Fuuma clan. But due to the revolt of Fuuma Danjo, Taimanins went against each other, causing Gen-an to step down.
Former Taimanin, executive of Nomad, the multinational firm of demons. Also known as the "Traitor Taimanin".
In the past she was a master of the Koukawa ninja clan but turned against it and recruited mercenaries, calling themselves the "Oboro Ninja Troops", and helped Nomad expand its power in Japan.
Rogue Taimanin. The young head of the famed Koukawa family, as well as the clan's only survivor.

After Edwin Black killed her parents, she was taken in and raised by Asagi. She started gaining recognition from the age of 14 after performing well on dangerous missions. However, she disappeared after ignoring orders from Asagi and challenging Edwin Black, which left her with serious injuries to her arms and legs.