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  • Which devices can I play the game with?
    You may play the game with the following devices.

    【iOS】iPhone 8
    【Android】Android 9

    【iOS】iPhone XS or later
    【Android】Android 10 or later

    ※The above information does not guarantee the game's performance on your device.
  • Is the game Free to Play?
    You can download and play the game for free.
    However, items, Gems, Packages, and others that help your progress
    are available via In-App purchases.

    ※You can acquire Gems for free via in-game rewards or events, etc.
  • Purchased Gems and package items are not appearing.
    It may take some time for your purchased items to appear.
    Please try restarting your device in a place with a stable network.

    【iOS(App Store)】
    Due to delays in the purchase process, it may take some time before the purchase appears.
    If the payment is not completed in the "Purchase History" of the App Store, please contact Apple directly.

    【Android(Google Play Store)】
    1) Check your Google Play order history to see if the purchase process has been completed.
    2) Please try clearing the cache of the Google Play Store from the Settings app on your device.
    3) If the purchase has been completed, please restart your device.
    4) Please check if your new items appear in the game.

    Please note that if you try to purchase an item again before it has appeared, you may end up with a duplicate purchase.

    【If you are using iOS】

    【If you are using Android】
  • Account transfer and link account
    In order to link your account you must have backed up your data or have a [Link code].

    ※ We recommend you issue a [Link Code] or back up your data to prevent any game data loss
    from switching devices, losing your device or malfunctions.

    ■How to link your account
    Click on [≡] on the top right hand corner of your main screen → [Link Account] → [Link Account].

    【iOS Users】
    Use your GameCenter account to [Link Account].

    Use your Google Play account to [Link Account].

    You can [Link Account] with a Facebook/ LINE account.

    ■Issuing a Link Code
    Click on [≡] on the top right hand corner of your main screen → [Link Account] → [Link Code].
    You will be given an auto-generated code, which you can then set a password to.
    Once that is complete you may use your [Link Code].

    ※ Please save a screenshot or memo of your link code password.
    If for any reason you do not know your link code you won't be issued
    another link code and your data cannot be recovered.
  • All my data is gone.
    If you have already linked your account or issued a Link Code, you can keep your progress.

    ■If you haven't linked your account or used a Link Code before, please contact us.
    We can restore your account if you have the following information.

    ㆍUser ID
    ㆍTime and Date of your lost
    ㆍPayment History

    ※ Caution
    It may take a while to specify your account.
    We can't restore your account if you provide us with an incorrect User ID.
    The User ID and the Commander Name are different.
    You can find your User ID at the bottom of your user comment on the Commander Info.
    You can access your Commander Info via clicking the mark at the top left of the main screen.
    Please understand that we can't restore your account if the information isn't enough.
    We can only restore the account from your device.
    It's highly prohibited to try to restore other's accounts by impersonating others.