Developer Notes 2023


Greetings, Action Taimanin commanders.
We have come this far in 2023 thanks to your strong support.
As we conclude 2023, we have compiled and provided answers to inquiries that you may be curious about, taking into account the feedback that you have sent us.
Continue to show your love and support for Action Taimanin! Let's TAIMANIN!

Regarding the Selection of Playable Characters

Recently, when choosing a new playable character, the most important considerations are an appealing appearance, fresh new action, and an interesting background story.

One of the reasons why Action Taimanin has been loved for an extended period is undoubtedly due to its diverse, unique, and attractive character designs. As the number of characters increases, priority is given to characters with beautiful appearances and unique and distinctive charms that can capture the favor and interest of players.

In the past, we prioritized discussing characters with new weapon types to enhance the diversity of action. However, considering that continuous additions of new weapon types beyond a certain point (when the number of characters exceeds 20) may increase player fatigue due to collection and growth, we have been working on considering and applying shared weapons. Furthermore, when considering character appearances and backgrounds, avoiding similar weapon types to existing characters is often challenging.

With the current number of characters approaching 30, characters previously not considered due to development issues are now being actively discussed among developers on how they can be implemented.

We always listen to the voices of our users, so please feel free to express various opinions about playable characters.

Regarding Character Renewal

As a general rule, when selecting candidates for character renewal, we consider and decide on all aspects that can be improved. However, to simplify, the main focus is on combat and appearance.

And when selecting characters for renewal and improvement, we heavily rely on user feedback. We collect opinions left in customer service inquiries or community forums, conduct meetings to review them, and contemplate how to apply them by comparing them with the actual game.

In the case of appearance, faithfulness to the original work is the foremost criterion. However, as the Taimanin IP is exposed through various media, there are instances where the character's traits or forms may differ by era or universe. When opinions contradict the original work, the selection process becomes challenging. Defining the direction of character modeling transformations involves in-depth character analysis and multiple rounds of verification, making it one of the most challenging stages for the development team.

Faithfulness to the original work involves selecting the most character-appropriate illustration from various character illustrations until the review point. The process includes mimicking aspects such as body proportions, facial scale, hair, eyes, and even details like the number of eyelashes.

In terms of combat, we examine user play patterns and the frequency of skill usage, gaining direct experience to identify shortcomings and obstacles. Although there is a framework for each character's balance, we consider the character's versatility and distinctiveness, striving to make various attempts.


Currently, there are approximately 40 costume themes that are in service.
Over the four years of service, we have analyzed the preferences and needs of users, gaining many ideas, and there are still themes that have not been unveiled.

Initially, when planning costume themes, excluding seasonal ones, the intention was to put them on rotation. However, themes that received more acclaim than expected have now adopted a fixed structure, being consistently released in their respective months.

In 2023, feeling that it would be a waste not to use the accumulated ideas, we tried a new approach. We were grateful for the even more positive response than anticipated. As a result, the new themes released in 2023 are planned to have additional costumes and return in 2024.

While there is no specific period for adding new themes, they will be introduced when a breath of fresh air, like a surprise gift, is needed. The initial release is planned to feature 2-3 characters with different charms bundled together.


When developing supporters, we always strive to provide a variety of effects and consider ways to make them usable. Of course, in this process, there have been effects that were not well-received, as well as effects that gained attention in line with new content.
This shows that users are interested and have sought more efficient supporters through research.
We believe that such interest and research are the driving force that sustains our game. However, we cannot simply discard supporters that are not frequently used.
Rather than just balancing adjustments, we aim to provide features and content that allow players to utilize the supporters they have.
While it may not be possible to address everything at once, we will demonstrate a commitment to gradually improving and addressing these aspects.

2024 Roadmap

The roadmap for 2024 focuses on collection and utilization. With the significant increase in the number of characters and supporters released so far, the goal is to add new content and features, continually improving them to ensure that all the characters and supporters that players have acquired and upgraded can be effectively utilized.

Until now, only a limited number of characters and supporters have been favored and used, restricting opportunities for others. However, in 2024, efforts will be made to provide a variety of content, allowing players to collect, research, and enjoy utilizing many characters and supporters.

Additionally, updates are planned to incorporate user feedback, improve convenience, introduce new content and features, and enhance features such as the Private Room.

○ Improved User Playability

We plan to introduce a feature that allows users to set supporters to be excluded from dispatching, along with a function to organize and complete dispatch missions in one go.

The results screen for Taima-Five VR will be enhanced to display the damage dealt by each character.

A feature allowing the dismantling of Friend Emblems will be provided, enabling users to create Friend Emblems for specific characters by dismantling Blank Emblems.

There will be improvements made to easily access information about items listed when using item selection tickets.

We will continuously strive to address user feedback and make ongoing improvements to any inconvenient aspects.

○ New Features

Firstly, Special Activities will be added. Depending on how many characters you own and how much you've upgraded them, useful buffs for gameplay will be applied, and you'll be able to obtain necessary items at regular intervals.

Next, a guild system will be introduced. After adding basic systems like guild spaces and chat, there are plans to add an update for guild wars where guild members cooperate and compete with guilds. We are aiming to apply this within the first half of the year.

A feature will also be added to utilize skill points that were previously unusable. You won't have to worry about leftover skill points anymore.

Expanding on existing features, the character Intimacy level, which was previously limited to level 10, will be extended to apply more diverse effects, and improvements will be made to make it easier to increase Intimacy levels.

Additionally, the expansion of the Arena Tower, which couldn't be implemented this year, will be updated.

We also plan to add various other content, so please look forward to them.

○ Private Room

We plan to first add a pose preset feature to the Private Room. This will provide users with a variety of pre-set poses that can be easily applied and customized. Users will also be able to save their created poses, allowing for more convenient and diverse setups. Subsequently, we will update the Private Room overall by improving the user interface, addressing any discomfort in navigation, and adding new features.

We are doing our best to prepare updates to satisfy our users, but please understand that update schedules may change based on the development situation.

We sincerely thank you for playing Action Taimanin throughout this year, and we will continue to make efforts to ensure enjoyable gameplay in 2024 and beyond.

Thank you.