November 7th Maintenance Complete


Greetings Commanders,
the maintenance for November 7th, 2023 is complete.

1. Playable Character "Astraoth" Renewal!

The modeling and animations of the playable character "Astaroth" have had a makeover!

1-1. Astaroth Renewal Package for sale!

Two special packages celebrating Astaroth's renewal, including limited costumes, a new UR weapon, and more are up for grabs!
Don't miss out on the "New Fan Package" consisting of the playable character, weapons, and costumes for those meeting Astaroth for the first time.
As well as the "Huge Fan Package" containing Astaroth's limited costume, Demonite (UR), and weapons!

※ Sales Period: ~ Dec. 5th, 2023, 01:59 (UTC)
※ The playable character is only included in the "New Fan Package."

1-2. Astaroth Renewal Celebratory Achievement Event!

An achievement event is being held to celebrate Astaroth's renewal!
Clear missions and receive items necessary for advancing, leveling up, and increasing intimacy!

◇ Renewal Celebration Missions
※ Event Period: ~ Dec. 5th, 2023, 01:59 (UTC)
※ Mission Details:
① Astaroth Level-Up Missions
└ Mission Rewards: Gems x 40 (Level 10), Gold x 50,000 (Level 20), Certificate x 40 (Level 30), Ore Kit x 10 (Level 40), Ore (Stellar) x 2 (Level 50), Ore (Stellar) x 4 (Level 60), Ore/Shard Box x 1 (Level 70), Crystal Kit x 1 (Level 75)
② Astaroth Advancement Missions
└ Mission Rewards: Operational Plan x 15 (★2), Operational Plan x 20 (★3), Operational Plan x 25 (★4), Friend Emblem: Astaroth x 2 (★5)
③ Clear Any Quest with Astaroth
└ Mission Rewards: Gems x 40 (Clear 5 times), Doki Doki Present x 10 (Clear 10 times), Enhancement Stone (High) x 10 (Clear 25 times), Strategy Manual (High) x 10 (Clear 50 times), Sushi x 5 (Clear 75 times), Pink Rose x 5 (Clear 100 times), Fuuma Plushie x 2 (Clear 150 times), Voucher: Astaroth Growth Weapon x 1 (Clear 200 times)

※ Even Commanders who have already leveled up and advanced Astaroth before the mission started can still receive the rewards.

1-3. Balance Adjustments!

The performance of "Astaroth" has been adjusted as follows:

The visual effects and animations of some skills have been changed.
The range of the skill "Hell Blaze" Set Effect 2 has been increased.
The range of the skill "Supernova" Set Effect 2 has been increased.
The attack range of the skill "Phoenix Dive" has been increased.
The number of familiars from the skill "Lava Servant" has been increased.

2. Fall Thanksgiving Event!

2-1. Login Event #1 Commences!

Gifts for all users who log in daily! A chance to obtain various items from the Secret Quest Retry Ticket to the Magatama Attribute Change Ticket!
Log in for a total of 7 days out of 14 and receive various rewards!

※ Event Period: After maintenance on Nov. 7th, 2023 ~ Nov. 21st, 2023 01:59 (UTC)
※ Users who logged in before the maintenance will be processed starting from Nov. 7th, 2023 15:00 (UTC).

2-2. Surprise Missions & Surprise Campaign # 1 Commences!

Surprise missions and campaigns will be held during the Thanksgiving Event!
Take advantage of the perks during the campaign period to clear missions and receive rewards!

※ Please check the exact schedule for each week in the game.

◇ Surprise Missions
※ Event Period: ~ Nov. 14th, 2023 01:59 (UTC)
※ Mission Details:
① Clear Daily Quests
└ Mission Rewards: Nanometal (Colorless) x 3 (Clear 10 times), Crystal Fragment x 3 (Clear 20 times), Blank Emblem x 5 (Clear 30 times), Gacha Coin x 3 (Clear 50 times)
② Play Battle Arena
└ Mission Rewards: BP Potion x 5 (Play 2 times), Operational Plan x 10 (Play 5 times)

◇ Surprise Campaign
※ Event Period: ~ Nov. 14th, 2023 01:59 (UTC)
※ Campaign Perks
└ More Arena Coins
└ Restore 20% HP after clearing Taima-Five VR

3. Pickup Gacha Open!

Pickup Gacha with an increased drop rate of weapons and supporters is open!
Roll the Gacha a certain amount of times to get rewards!

※ Each Pickup Gacha is separate and does not share the gacha progress bar.
※ "Limited Gacha Coin" can be used in the "Spinel" Pickup Gacha
※ "Gacha Coin" and "Rotation Gacha Coin" cannot be used in the "Spinel" Pickup Gacha, and Pickup Gacha rewards cannot be obtained from normal gachas(Premium, Ticket, Rotation gachas).

◇ Pickup Gacha 1 (Limited): Supporter "【UR】 Spinel"
※ Period: ~ Dec. 5th, 2023 01:59 (UTC)
※ Supporter "【UR】 Spinel" can also be purchased in the Shop of Desires

◇ Pickup Gacha 2: Astaroth-exclusive weapon, the new weapon "【UR】 Undying Apophis"
※ Period: ~ Dec. 5th, 2023 01:59 (UTC)

4. Golden Pass is available!

Obtain a variety of rewards just by clearing missions!
Purchase the Special Pass for additional and limited rewards!

※ Special Pass Reward: Limited costume "One Day Job Asuka", etc.
※ Golden Pass Period: ~ Nov. 28th, 2023 01:59 (UTC)

5. 3rd Anniversary Log-in Event Period Extended

Thanks to your support, we have extended our 3rd Anniversary Log-in Event period to 2 weeks!
Don't miss your last chance to claim your rewards!

※ Event Period: ~ Nov. 21st, 2023 01:59 (UTC)

6. 3rd Anniversary Supporter added to the Mileage Shop!

Our 3rd Anniversary supporter, '[3rd Anniversary] The Founding Three' has been added to the Mileage shop.

7. In-game improvements and bug fixes

└ Added melee/ranged icon on playable characters' skills and weapon skills, and some skill descriptions have been revised accordingly.
└ Training room has been improved. Training room from character skill screen and collections are separated, and added a feature where players can choose enemies' types or whether they would attack or not. Please check in the game for more details.
└ Filter UI has been imrpoved in the Inventory so that it would be easier to choose characters.
└ The default graphics setting when playing the game on devices with low specs is now 'Low'.
※ The graphics setting can be changed in the menu → Graphics&Sound

└ Fixed an anomaly where skill slots disappear in stage 3 and 4 of the event "The Snake bites the Fairy" normal difficulty on Steam.
└ Fixed an anomaly where enemies do not spawn in certain area during playing the stage 3 of the main quest 15 with the playable character Felicia.
└ Fixed an anomaly where the 3d image of the monster "Yuphie&Sophie" appears incorrectly during cutscenes and in the Collections.
└ Fixed an anomaly where the visual effects of the playable charcter "Aina Winchester" are displayed incorrectly when wearing the costume "Summer Eyepatch".
└ Fixed an anomaly where the visual effect of the playable character Koukawa Asuka's skill, "Spiral Blast", is displayed inccorectly.
└ Fixed an anomaly where the ranged attacks of the playable character "Eleonor" and "Fuuma Tokiko" are not fired.

8. Action Taimanin 3rd Anniversary Event Rewards

Thank you for participating in the Action Taimanin 3rd Anniversary Event!
We have sent Gold and Silver prizes for our Social Media event. Please check your mailbox!

Gold Prize (150 users): Gems x 500, Fuuma Plushie x 3, Enchant Booster (50%) x 3, Emblem Kit x 5, Supporter "[3rd Anniversary] The Founding Three" x 1
Silver Prize (300 users): Gems x 333, Doki Doki Present x 33, Enchant Booster (10%) x 3, Emblem Kit x 3, Supporter "[3rd Anniversary] The Founding Three" x 1

※ The list of winners for the Grand Prize will be announced on November 8th, 2023 (Wednesday).

9. Suspension of cheating users

In order to create a healthy gaming environment, we have imposed disciplinary measures on accounts found to be cheating in the game.
The following 21 accounts have been suspended due to disciplinary measures.

*** Blood

If you want to appeal the suspension, please contact

In order to protect the users who play the game fairly, GREMORY GAMES will continue to respond strictly to any unfair advantages acquired through improper means and actions.

Stay tuned!